Service Features

  • All Marketplace plugins are allowed
  • allowed
  • All plans include 5GB disk and 50GB of network transfer

Base Features

  • Full off-site backups run nightly
  • SSL encrypted data transfer
  • RAID10 mirrored disk arrays
  • 99.99% uptime backed by our SLA
  • Unlimited support via ticket system
  • Fast, multi-homed network access
  • Cancel easily online at any time
Atlassian has developed a full set of very powerful development tools which have grown popular in organizations of all sizes. Our hosting plans can handle the significant resource requirements of these applications.
JIRA Tracker
Confluence Wiki
Package: JIRA + Confluence
1-50 User License $50/mo
75+ User License +$25/GB RAM +$25/GB RAM +$25/GB RAM

All plans require an active license key from Atlassian.

Hosting includes 2GB of allocated heap memory per application. If you upgrade to a larger license, your hosting fee will remain the same unless additional resources are required.

We do allow any plugin to be installed on any of our packages, but some resource intensive plugins may require that additional RAM be allocated to your account.

Fisheye & Crucible
Elastic Bamboo
Any License $25 + $25/GB RAM $25 $25

Our plans require that you obtain a license key from Atlassian. Fisheye can be very resource intensive and depending on your repository, may require a dedicated server.

Elastic Bamboo and Crowd are a flat rate regardless of license size, but please note that for Elastic Bamboo, all build workers must be run on your own EC2 account.

Please contact sales to add one of these services to your account.