Application Hosting

If you experience more than 5 minutes of unscheduled downtime in a month due to a network, power or hardware failure on our part, submit a SLA request with the time of the outage and we will refund your full month's payment.

Dedicated Servers

Network and power: 99.99% uptime. Server reboots: 15 minutes. Hardware replacement: 2 hours. If not met, we will refund for 1000x the downtime experienced up to one full month's payment.

We understand that when you choose to host a portion of your infrastructure, avoiding downtime is critical. We take numerous precautions to ensure that you can always access your data and back up our actions with a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Premium Network

We utilize top quality bandwidth from multiple carriers to bring you the best speed and reliability. 10-GigE connections from multiple Tier 1 carriers and blended using the Internap Flow Control Platform to intelligently determine the fastest possible route to you.

Download a test file:


Or do a test checkout:

svn co

Redundant Servers

All production servers have a live standby system with current configs and current user data loaded onto them in preparation for emergencies. This allows us to constantly verify our backups are valid, while also ensuring a quick and effective disaster contingency plan. Our Subversion servers implement a unique system which mirrors each commit as it comes in to avoid any data loss.

Geographic Diversity

Our primary site is located in Dallas, TX. Our secondary site, used for backups and auxiliary servers, is located in Santa Clara, CA. This allows us to maintain client communications and data access even if there are issues preventing access to our primary data-center. All of our equipment is colocated in private locking cabinets, and is only accessible by our staff and our datacenter staff.