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Definition lists

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copied from  http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaExtensibleMarkup --NilsLindenberg

Wikka currently supports unordered lists (with inline-comments as a special case) and ordered lists. What's missing is definition lists. Building on the principles that:

  • it should follow the same markup mechanisms as used for other lists;
  • other lists start with one or more ~ (or tabs), followed by a symbol (to distinguish it from simply "indented text");
  • only the items are defined; the formatter takes care of wrapping a list within its <ul> or <ol> tags;

I have the following proposal for a definition list syntax:

  • unlike ordered and unordered lists, definition lists have two types of items: definition terms and definttion descriptions
  • as with the other list types, an item is started with one or more ~ (or tabs) indicating "level"
  • use a symbol to mark the specific type of list (I propose "?")
  • supplement the symbol with a "t" or a "d" to indicate which type of item it is

On #wikka we came up with the idea that two symbols might actually be better than symbol and letter. So what about "~??" and "~?!"

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