With the upgrade to trac 0.11, the workflow has been modified to closely reflect  this state diagram.

Please add here suggestions on how to improve it (add/remove links, add/remove nodes, etc.)


  • Good work, Dario! I don't believe it's actually possible to go from "assigned" to "test" without first going through "accepted". For an example of this, see #801: I assigned this ticket to me upon creation, but still had to change its state to "accepted" before I could go to "testing". Either the workflow or the diagram should be updated to reflect this.
  • I'd like to recommend the "commit" state be deleted. The state flow when "testing" is passed should lead directly to "closed".
  • Also, I'm confused about the meaning of "accepted" versus "assigned". To me, they are very similar. I'd like to see the state changes leading to and from "accepted" be transfered to "assigned," and that "accepted" be removed from the state flow diagram.