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10:00 Ticket #1089 (Paging links broken in adminuser action) closed by BrianKoontz
09:48 Changeset [1805] by BrianKoontz
  • trunk/actions/adminusers/adminusers.php
Fixed comparison that was breaking paging links. Refs #1089
09:32 Ticket #1089 (Paging links broken in adminuser action) created by BrianKoontz
But they work in adminpages...just need to make the two actions match.
09:31 Ticket #1088 (Add option to exclude table prefix in getCount()) created by BrianKoontz
Add an optional parameter to the getCount() method to prevent the method …


09:27 Ticket #1075 (Massive speedup to PageIndex action) closed by BrianKoontz
09:14 Changeset [1804] by BrianKoontz
  • trunk/libs/Wakka.class.php
Link function now assumes that page to be linked exists by default. Refs …
01:17 Ticket #1087 (Include URCaptchaModule in next release) created by BrianKoontz
This module has been thoroughly tested on a couple different sites, and is …
00:49 Ticket #1086 (Support for multiple URLs pointing to same wiki broken) created by BrianKoontz
Previously, it was possible to point two different URLs to the same wiki …


03:55 Ticket #1085 (#1084 update) created by Stiva
In #1084 i had php error showing in server log. After further testing it …


13:15 Ticket #1084 (server log: php error Wakka.class.php on line 2511) created by Stiva
I have noticed warnings in my server logs as follows: "[warn] mod_fcgid: …


05:23 Ticket #1083 (change in Whitespace handling) created by PLG
The white space handing has changed for the list operators and for the …


20:08 Ticket #1082 (Breadcrumbs/traceback feature) created by BrianKoontz
User request for "breadcrumb" functionality showing a user's previous page …
20:04 Ticket #1080 (admin cannot delete users) closed by BrianKoontz
duplicate: See #1081.


00:04 Ticket #1081 (admin cannot delete users) created by dragonslanding
This is the message that I'm receiving when trying to delete user accounts …


23:54 Ticket #1080 (admin cannot delete users) created by dragonslanding
I'm receiving the following error message: "Notice: Undefined variable: …
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