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Merge SetPersistentCookie and SetSessionCookie into SetCookie

Reported by: NilsLindenberg Owned by: JavaWoman
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Severity: normal Keywords: cookie SetPersistentCookie SetSessionCookie


Since SetPersistentCookie is only used by SetUser and SetSessionCookie isn't used at all, and since both do the same job except for the time the cookie is valid, they can be merged into one function SetCookie with an optional time parameter (default would be "session").

The path of the cookie should be restricted to the actuall wiki-path (see #81).

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Milestone changed back to 1.1.7 (it's a no-brainer); and I'm taking this over as I'm already handling #81.

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Note: "SetCookie" is not a good name for the generic function: that's already the name of the PHP function itself. Using SetACookie() instead to avoid confusion.

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Since (currently) SetPersistentCookie() is used by Wikka (release) and SetSessionCookie() is not, it makes more sense to use the current persistence period (90 days) for a persistent cookie as the default, rather than making a session cookie the default. The default period can be defined as a constant.

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(In [668]) Better cookie handling

  • Ensures that the cookie path is always set to the path corresponding with Wikka's URL path - including session cookie (in wikka.php). Fixes #81
  • New method SetACookie() which supports setting both session cookies and (default) persistent cookies; old methods SetSessionCookie() and SetPersistentCookie are retained as wrapper functions for backwards compatibility (for now). Fixes #187
  • Enhanced DeleteCookie() to enable it to remove cookies with old (not suffixed) names and with a specific path
  • New method DeleteOldCookies() which removes old-name cookies as well as cookies with path set to root if the current path is not root; the Run() method now uses this method to clean up

Note that the code still contains some debug code; this will be cleaned up in a later phase.

refs #545

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Retargeting to 1.3, this ticket has already been closed in trunk, from which 1.3 will be branched. Consider backporting urgent issues to 1.2.X

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Updated milestone to 1.3.1

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