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Export of static HTML for offline browsing

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Function for dumping of wiki pages for convenient offline browsing. Maybe as an extension of the usersettings action, because dumps should be user specific, e.g. rights of logged-in user apply for dump. On usersettings then there'd be a button labelled 'Export' which'd activate the compilation of HTML files into a ZIP file, that'd be sent to the user as download.

Naming could occur simply by page name followed by '.html'. All internal links would be substituted by their '.html' equivalents.

Maybe this feature creates some server load so the admin might want to disable it. A more advanced export function could allow selection of output format, e.g. .CHM, .PDF etc.

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Changed 8 years ago by MasinAlDujaili

Would anyone mind if I try to code something doing this? Perhaps it could be released with 1.1.7 then ...

I would start with the code of the pageindex action which already loads every page. Then I would pass it to a offlinehtml formatter. As I don't have any experience with generating ZIP files, I could use some advice here -- this function doesn't only have to zip one file but a collection, but maybe there's documentation somewhere out there. At last I'd have the code return something of mimetype application/zip and refresh the page where the function has been called from if possible (or the other way round).

Changed 8 years ago by DarTar

MasinAlDujaili, any code contribution is very welcome :) You can upload files as attachments to a ticket and we'll take care of diff'ing, merging and committing. If you are new to Wikka, you may want to familiarise with the core methods and with the (still to be completed)  coding guidelines.

Changed 8 years ago by BrianKoontz

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Changed 8 years ago by BrianKoontz

This would also be useful if HTML dumps could be performed by category...so, for instance, all pages tagged "CategoryDocumentation" could be dumped for and distributed with each release. For example, [ TMDA] generates project documentation this way.

Changed 8 years ago by BrianKoontz

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Changed 8 years ago by BrianKoontz

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Changed 7 years ago by DomBonj

The contributed FileexportAction somehow offers this feature. I agree with the comment on the server load which could be created.

Changed 7 years ago by DarTar

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Changed 7 years ago by MasinAlDujaili

Today, I gave this fileexport action a try -- what a memory usage! I cannot use it in a shared web hosting environment, scripts only have 16MiByte of RAM.

Changed 5 years ago by BrianKoontz

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