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Moving classes into separate files

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As of version there are two files which have classes integrated into them:

wikka.php has the class wakka

handlers/page/diff.php has some classes used for the page diff

Since it makes the files difficult to read and the code of the classes difficult to re-use (or to use in external projects), they should be moved into separate files in a special directory.

In a discussion with Dario, we came up with the libs directory (more or less standard for wiki-engines) and wakka.inc.php and diff.inc.php as names (note that  http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaCodeStructure will be changed to reflect this)

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for naming conventions, the file names where changed to:



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adding the discussion from the SuggestionBox:

I use wikka as wiki engine of [ my page]. IMO, the wikka.php file is too big to be one single file. I suggest that we separate the Wakka class into new file, say Wakka.class.php And then in the wikka.php, e.g at line where the Wakka class previously located, simply we put: %% include ('Wakka.class.php'); %% -- DiN

DiN, this is a //very// good idea. I fact, the idea had crossed my mind already, but thanks for the reminder. :) Indeed, a class belongs in a file of its own. --JavaWoman

Maybe a folder called classes? the handlers/page/diff has a bunch of classes inside, too. --NilsLindenberg

With my current proposed structure on WikkaCodeStructure, it would go into the library folder; classes that are shared, into library/common. I prefer a //functional// separation rather than one based on coding format. --JavaWoman

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