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Page name display enhancement

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From the wikka-community m/l:

At the moment, the title of a wiki page seems to follow this scheme:


??? WIKINAME comes from the configuration option "wakka_name".
??? : (colon) is the delimiter.
??? PAGENAME is the first heading (h1-h4; not h5) or, if there is no
heading, the page name (last URL part).

I propose to swap WIKINAME and PAGENAME and use a different delimiter:



Let's say that the WIKINAME is "The Sopranos Wiki". Open ten (or
less/more, it depends on browser and window size) wiki pages in tabs.
Now, most browsers display these tabs like that:

[The Sopr???] [The Sopr???] [The Sopr???] [The Sopr???] and so on.

So you have no chance to know which page is opened in which tab, you
only know that they are pages from the wiki (because of the Favicon and
the beginning of the wiki name).

Swapping the order results in tabs like:

[Dr. Melf???] [Episodes???] [Tony Sop???] [Trailer ???] and so on.


wikkawiki-title_sitename-first.png Download (36.2 KB) - added by u.o. 2 years ago.
Screenshot: Firefox with 8 tabs

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Screenshot: Firefox with 8 tabs

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For the record, your reply in the mailing list:

This one I'll have to play around with and actually see what you're talking about. I understand there is limited real estate on browser tabs, but I'm not convinced changing how these are displayed will really make a difference on very small tabs.

I attached a screenshot, showing 8 tabs with pages from a wiki named "Semper Idem". As you can see, you have no chance to spot a particular page because all the tabs are labeled the same: "Semper Idem:…".

In this very case you would have up to 12 characters per tab to show (the beginning of) the page name. Plenty of space to differentiate between "User Setting…" and "HomePage" on the fly.

It would be even more important/useful when "Edit", "Preview" prefix the page name in the title (see #1131). So you can spot at a glance which page you should finish editing ("Edit: HomePa…") or which page needs a save before you quit your session ("Preview: Hom…").

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