Note: osgGIS is no longer under development.

Its capabilities have been incorporated into osgEarth.

This page remains as a reference only.

The osgGIS Project

Welcome to osgGIS, a free open source toolkit for using GIS data in OpenSceneGraph applications.

Bug report? Question? Please visit the osgGIS Group and Mailing List.


  • Downloads - SVN access, build instructions, and pre-built binaries
  • Documentation - HOW-TOs, references, and API documentation
  • Community - Ways to participate and get support
  • Screenshots - Pretty pictures of datasets generated using osgGIS
  • About - Information of the project, licensing, and its authors


osgGIS is software that enables you to visualize, query, and manipulate GIS data from within an OpenSceneGraph application. In short, you can generate spatially accurate 3D geometry from GIS data layers while maintaining connectivity to the GIS data sources.

Some of the goals of this project are to make it easy to:

  • Connect to and query various GIS data sources
  • Bring vector and raster data into OSG data structures for visualization
  • Deal with map projections in OSG
  • Access GIS feature attributes
  • Display 3D GIS data atop an osgEarth or VirtualPlanetBuilder terrain model
  • Manage geometry for very large numbers of features
  • Automate the creation of 3D data layers from GIS data