osgEarth - Terrain On Demand

osgEarth is a C++ terrain rendering toolkit. Just create a simple XML file, point it at your imagery, elevation, and vector data, load it into your favorite  OpenSceneGraph application, and go! osgEarth supports all kinds of data and comes with lots of examples to help you get up and running quickly and easily.

  • Installation - Git access, build instructions, and pre-built binaries
  • Documentation - HOW-TOs, references, and API documentation
  • Community - Discussion, support, and feature requests
  • Gallery - Pretty pictures of datasets generated using osgEarth
  • About - Information of the project, licensing, and its authors

Easy to use

How easy is it to render terrain with osgEarth?

 osgviewer gdal_tiff.earth


Things you can do

osgEarth makes is easy to deploy scalable terrain models:

  • Create terrain models - either offline, or dynamically at run-time
  • Load whole-earth terrains without writing any code
  • Visualize OGC-compliant web mapping data
  • Combine multiple imagery, elevation, and vector data sources on the fly
  • Set up map tile caches to maximize performance
  • Layer imagery to produce high-resolution insets
  • Adjust layer opacity in real time
  • Drape vector (GIS) data on the terrain
  • Reproject data among different coordinate reference systems
  • Place external models on the terrain with lat/long coordinates
  • Incorporate new data into existing VPB databases (without rebuilding them)

Things you can see

Professional Services

osgEarth is developed and maintained by the folks at  Pelican Mapping. We offer professional software development, integration, and data production services related to osgEarth, OpenSceneGraph in general, and almost anything related to geospatial technology.