WushCLI is designed to allow automation of user accounts on a WushNet SVN account. The script can be used as a command line tool, or modified for more advanced changes.



  • Perl
  • LWP module

To check out the source code:

svn co https://wush.net/svn/foss/wushcli/

To browse the source online,  click here.

To submit a bug report,  click here.

To view existing bug reports,  click here.


Usage: ./wcli [--username=xxx] [--password=xxx] [command] [args]


  • login-list
  • login-retrieve [login]
  • login-create [login] [password] [access]
  • login-update-access [login] [access]
  • login-update-password [login] [password]
  • login-delete [login]
  • authz-retrieve
  • authz-update [/path/to/file]

Return Code:

  • 0; ok, data may follow
  • 1; error, explanation follows
  • -1; unknown error

Username and password can be hard-coded by modifying the script instead of being specified on the command line.