TracDataCp is designed to allow the migration of a subset of one Trac instance to an existing Trac instance. A typical use case would be migrating tickets relating to one component into its own Trac instance.



  • Perl
  • DBI module
  • DBD::SQLite module
  • File::Slurp module

To check out the source code:

svn co

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Usage: ./tracdatacp /path/to/orig/proj /path/to/dest/proj

Data to copy is read from STDIN, one entry per line, so either pipe it in from another process, or enter it manually and hit Ctrl-D when done.

Each input should be of the format ticket:1, wiki:WikiStart, etc.


  • Only ticket copies are supported. Wiki should be simple to implement, but we have not had the need yet.
  • The database is assumed to be SQLite. An improvement could be to read from the trac.ini file instead to retrieve a proper DSN.